Social Responsibility

At TEFL Org UK, we believe that it’s important to give something back. When you start a TEFL course with us, part of your fee will go towards helping others in some way. Below you can find out more about where some of your money may go.

International projects

Charity of the Year 2017 – Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is a global movement that believes every child in our world of plenty should be able to receive one daily meal in a place of education.

By setting up and running school feeding programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities, Mary’s Meals attracts chronically hungry children to the classroom, where they can gain an education that can be their route out of poverty.

It costs just £12.20 for Mary’s Meals to feed a child in school for a whole school year.

The charity currently reaches 1,187,104 children with a nutritious daily meal in school, across 12 countries, and is committed to spending at least 93p in every £1 directly on charitable activities. For more information, visit

As TEFL Org UK’s Charity of the Year, every customer will have the opportunity to opt-in to donate £1, £2 or £5 to Mary’s Meals during the online checkout – with TEFL Org UK matching every donation.

Barnardo’s Scotland 

Barnardo SWe’ve recently teamed up with Barnardo’s Scotland, a widely renowned and respected charity. This is an organisation we’re extremely proud to be involved with. We are working toward changing lives for the better, and are now training Barnardo’s staff on language awareness and how to present grammar and new language. We’ll be supplying them with classroom course training alongside our Online Grammar Course and online Enhance My English courses.

These will help them to more effectively communicate with and teach the young people they work with on a daily basis, fuelling the young people’s understanding and as a result, their future prospects.
Visit the Barnardo’s Scotland website

Sri Lanka Volunteers (SLV)

Barnardo S

TEFL Org UK has teamed up with SLV to provide pre-departure training for the TEFL Sri Lanka volunteer placement.

SLV are a graduate led, volunteer organisation focusing on ethical and sustainable projects. Once you sign-up to the programme you will complete an 80-hour online TEFL course to ensure you are prepared for the demands of teaching English.

As a TEFL teacher in Sri Lanka, you will be responsible for improving language skills across all ages. The placement is the fantastic opportunity to make a positive contribution to local life, whilst also immersing yourself in a rich and diverse Asian culture.

Learn more about SLV and their voluntary teaching placements

Project Mongolia

Project Mongolia is a charitable society based at Edinburgh University. The organisation’s main aim is supporting charities who are working with disadvantaged children in Mongolia. This is achieved through various volunteering projects and cultural exchanges, whilst working to increase awareness concerning the poverty faced by many Mongolians at a local and national level.

One of the roles of the volunteers will be to teach English to students. TEFL Org UK has paired up with Project Mongolia, and is enrolling all volunteers on their TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) courses, which are the most highly recognised in the UK. The qualifications they will receive on course completion will be recognised worldwide. The skills learned on the course will allow the volunteers to develop their teaching abilities and approach, which will result in their lessons being more effective when it comes to understanding student’s needs, conducting activities, lesson delivery and classroom management.

Visit Project Mongolia’s website

Naturally Africa

Nav LogoNaturally Africa Volunteers offers medical and healthcare, teaching, sports and wildlife conservation projects in Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Namibia and South Africa. We train some of the teaching volunteers who go over to these areas and play a vital role in the development of the students involved.

Visit Naturally Africa’s Website

Projects in the UK

We work alongside various local organisations, some of which are listed below. We like to get involved, so if you know of anything in your local area that we could lend a hand with then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Highland Heroes 2017

TEFL Org UK is delighted to be sponsoring the Secondary Teacher of the Year Award at Highland Heroes 2017. The awards have been organised by Scottish Provincial Press to reward the most deserving people in the Highlands for their tremendous acts of courage, bravery and goodwill. The awards will take place at the Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness on Thursday the 9th of November and the team very much looks forward to attending.

Cash For KidsMFR Cash for Kids

Cash for Kids is the official charity of Moray Firth Radio and provides a helping hand to disabled and disadvantaged children around the Highlands, Moray and Aberdeenshire. At the beginning of March 2013, TEFL Org UK donated a TEFL course for their charity auction. The successful bidder was placed on a TEFL course and all proceeds were given to the charity which does fantastic work with children and young people throughout the region who have mental, physical or sensory disabilities, behavioural or psychological disorders, are living in impoverished or deprived environments or are suffering through distress, abuse or neglect.

Local football team sponsorship

We are loyal supporters and proud sponsors of Ferintosh Primary School football team.

Amateur Dramatics support and donations

We regularly donate to a local amateur dramatics club based in the Highlands of Scotland.

Teachmeet Strathclyde

This is a collaborative event between student teachers, educators and key stakeholders in Education from around Glasgow and beyond which we were more than happy to sponsor.

Immigrant support

TEFL Org UK also believes in supporting education here in the UK. Sandra Campbell and Anne Davies are two women from Aberdeen who began giving free lessons to local immigrants in 2010 after sitting a weekend TEFL course. TEFL Org UK now supports them by donating teaching materials to help with their classes.

Carbon Footprint

We’re very conscious of our carbon footprint here at TEFL Org UK. All of our suppliers are local and when you get your TEFL certificate we guarantee that it will be printed on recycled paper! We also make sure that paper in the office is recycled rather than put in the regular bin. TEFL Org UK wants to become more environmentally friendly and we’re always looking for ways to do this – suggestions are welcome!

Find out more

For information on how we may be able to help your organisation please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email or call 01349 800 600.