TEFL Summer School and Language Camp Positions

Working at a summer school/camp is one of the most popular ways of getting involved in teaching English, especially if you are looking for a position with short-term contracts or to work with children. There’s plenty of options for you if you want to TEFL this summer in positions across the world!

Here are some of the TEFL summer school teaching jobs that are available for this year. If you have taken a course with us, you will be able to login with your details and apply today! If you’ve not qualified with us, check out our range of courses and find out how to get your TEFL certificate.

Check out our Summer School Q&A with TEFL Tutor, Melissa here.

If you want to look for more jobs, not just summer camps, check out our wide range of teaching positions in our TEFL Jobs Centre. We’ve also got jobs that are so good we recommend them! Find out more here: Recommended TEFL Jobs.

My Summer teaching English in Rome

Karen spent her weeks during the summer teaching English to young learners at a Summer Camp in Rome, exploring Italy at the weekends.

5 Reasons to TEFL at a Summer Camp

Why should you spend your summer teaching English at a Summer Camp?