About TEFL Org UK

TEFL Org UK is the coming together of TEFL England, TEFL Scotland and TEFL Wales. All of the values of the previously individual brands remain prominent within TEFL Org UK: continuous support, highly accredited and high quality TEFL courses and free lifetime access to the TEFL Jobs Centre. Rooted deeply within the foundations of the organisation is the belief that if you can speak English, then you can teach it!

TEFL Org UK is an award winning company that has trained and sent thousands of TEFL students abroad. The company is staffed and managed by experienced professionals with over 30 years of experience in teaching English and teacher training. You’ll receive the highest standard of TEFL training throughout your transition to becoming an English language teacher; from detailed course content to extensive support from our tutors and team of experts.

With more accreditation than any other provider, TEFL Org UK ensures a TEFL experience that will change your life forever. On course completion you’ll receive a TEFL Org UK certificate which you can proudly present to potential employers. You will also gain worldwide employment opportunities with free lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Centre, consistently providing you with the widest offering when it comes to TEFL positions.

Why .org.uk?

We understand that traditionally the .org domain name for a website would represent a not-for-profit organisation. Although org.uk has always been available for general use, we thought it fitting to clarify why we’ve chosen such a domain name. After the merging of TEFL England, TEFL Scotland and TEFL Wales we thought that the word ‘organisation’ was the most accurate description of what is now a larger and more diverse training body. We do not want anyone to be under the impression that we are anything other than a Limited company and a profit making organisation.

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The TEFL Org UK offices are open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5.30pm.

Call us on 01349 800 600 or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you.

TEFL Org UK operates under the company name TEFL Scotland Ltd. which is registered in Scotland SC349721.

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