The advanced Teaching Business English Course from TEFL Org UK offers an in-depth look at this specialist area of TEFL. Studied online with a personal tutor, your assignments will be expertly marked and you’ll gain access to the online student forum. You will be able to improve the careers and future prospects of your students with this valuable TEFL Org UK certificate.

This course is an important qualification for anyone interested in teaching business English, teaching adults or those who want to make themselves eligible for the widest range of high-paying TEFL jobs.

Why should I take the Business English Course?

Taking TEFL Org UK’s Business English Course will give you the training you need to specialise in this area, making you a strong candidate when applying for lucrative jobs in teaching business English.

What will I learn?

On the Teaching Business English course, you will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Plan effective and engaging business English lessons
  • Create appropriate and relevant materials for your students
  • Match your lessons to the language needs of your students and their jobs
  • Improve your students communication skills in the world of commerce and beyond

What is covered on the course?

  • English for specific purposes
  • What is business English?
  • The business English trainer
  • Current trends
  • Analysis of Needs
  • Developing activities in the classroom and sourcing materials
  • Understanding different methodologies
  • Developing language and communication skills
  • Resources for finding work and developing your business English further


To study this advanced TEFL course, you need to:

• Be a native or near-native speaker
• Have a TEFL certificate or previous EFL teaching experience
• Have access to the internet


The TEFL Org UK Teaching Business English Course is approximately 30 hours long and will likely take around 2-4 weeks to complete. You have one calendar month from date of purchase to complete the course.

How does the course work?

The Teaching Business English course runs on our Online TEFL Courses site and is accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. The course is completely online, so no downloads are required. As with all online TEFL courses from TEFL Org UK, you can study in your own time to fit around your schedule and you will receive the help of your own personal tutor. Your tutor will correct your assignments and help you as necessary. As well as assignments, you will learn through shorter activities, quizzes and videos. When you complete the course, you will get a 30-Hour Teaching Business English certificate from TEFL Org UK.

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30-Hour Teaching Business English

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