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TEFL Courses in Newcastle

Open doors to your future

Have you always had the idea of travelling at the back of your mind, but not sure how you’d afford it? Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a brilliant way to travel the world, see new places, meet new faces while doing something truly rewarding. Founded in 2008, TEFL Org UK has now trained over 25,000 people to be effective TEFL teachers, and over 78% of our students go abroad to inspire others to speak English all over the world.

Courses in Newcastle

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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to TEFL courses, so we have a wide range of courses on offer to suit every taste. From 20 hours of classroom TEFL training, to 140 hour Premier TEFL courses involving a blend of online and classroom learning, there is something for everybody. No previous teaching experience is required to take part in our TEFL courses, and many employers abroad will be happy to employ new teachers, as long as they have completed the correct amount of TEFL training. Most employers look for candidates to have successfully completed a minimum of 120 hours of TEFL training with an accredited TEFL provider, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when choosing your TEFL course in Newcastle.

Once you complete your training, you will be able to make use of our TEFL Job Centre, which is exclusive to students of TEFL Org UK! Browse through hundreds of teaching positions in countries all over the world looking for people like you to inspire their students to speak English as a foreign language, and apply to the positions you are most interested in.

Upcoming TEFL courses in Newcastle


TEFL courses Newcastle

Our weekend TEFL training courses in Newcastle are intensive classroom sessions which involve 20 hours of activities, games, lesson planning and teaching practice. The Newcastle TEFL course is designed to equip you to become an effective TEFL teacher using the most up-to-date learning techniques to help you step into your first ever TEFL class with the confidence you need. You will even experience being immersed in a brand new language with a mini foreign language lesson to put you in the shoes of your future students!

What's included

 FREE course book

 FREE reference letter

 FREE internationally recognised TEFL certificate

 FREE CV support

Lifetime access to our TEFL Job Centre

Tutor Profiles

Our TEFL course tutors are all highly qualified and experienced TEFL industry professionals. Our TEFL courses in Newcastle are normally held by Alex.

  • Alex


    Newcastle, England

    Alex is a highly qualified and experienced TEFL tutor with years of teaching experience. She has travelled to countries such as India, Cuba, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Egypt and most of Europe.

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Weekend TEFL Course Contents

The 20-hour Weekend TEFL Course will cover:

Saturday (9am-8pm)

Unit 1 - Warmers
Introducing yourself, getting to know each other, reducing inhibitions

Unit 2 - Classroom management
Arranging the classroom and managing your students

Unit 3 - Getting the students to speak
Inventive ways to elicit from the students, using pictures, mime and gesture

Unit 4 - Introduction to grammar
A first look at some of the English tenses. What is the Present Perfect exactly?

Unit 5 - Foreign language lesson
A beginner's lesson: find out what it's like to be on the receiving end

Unit 6 - Controlled Practice
Practice activities: why we use them and some ideas for the classroom

Unit 7 - Free Practice
Using role play and other activities to bring your lessons to life

Unit 8 - Games
How games can improve the learning experience

Unit 9 - More warmers
More ideas for the classroom

Unit 10 - Functions
Teaching everyday English words and phrases

Unit 11 - Lesson planning, preparation & practice
How to plan a TEFL lesson & giving your first lesson


Sunday (9am-6pm)

Unit 12 - More warmers
A little warmer for your second day

Unit 13 - Needs analysis & understanding levels
Assessing new students and understanding different levels of students

Unit 14 - Pronunciation
The sounds, stress, intonation & rhythm of the English language

Unit 15 - Correcting errors
How and when to correct in the classroom

Unit 16 - Teaching Skills
How to teach reading & listening in the classroom

Unit 17 - Grammar
A more in-depth look into tenses (Warning! Includes fun!)

Unit 18 - Lesson planning, preparation & practice
Give your Second TEFL lesson

Unit 19 - Finding work abroad
How to find your first teaching English job

A: Yes you will receive an internationally recognised TEFL course once you pass the course. If you are combining your classroom study with online work, you will receive your certificate once you have completed both the online and classroom training modules.
A: There is no final written exam as such; you will be continuously assessed throughout your course by tutor observation.

Our approach

It’s hands on! During our TEFL Newcastle courses our experienced trainers explain and demonstrate where appropriate but we make sure our students get involved as much as possible. The best way to learn to TEFL is to TEFL, so look forward to lesson planning, games and taking part in activities created by other people on the course.

You will create your very own lessons and have the chance to teach your peers. The course will enable you to fully understand how to adapt your lessons to suit different age groups and English levels.

The topics of classroom activities vary greatly from lesson to lesson, so no matter what your educational/professional background, you will have something interesting to bring to the course.

Course location

Jurys Inn Newcastle,
Scotswood Road,