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TEFL Courses in Brighton

TEFL Brighton

Do you often find yourself complaining about your job and daydreaming of sunnier climes? Why not make those dreams a reality and teach English abroad? If you are a native speaker of English, or can at least speak English fluently, you have what it takes to be a TEFL teacher!

An internationally recognised TEFL certificate is your passport to a job as a teacher of English as a foreign language; so don’t put your dreams on hold any longer.

Courses in Brighton

TEFL courses to suit you in Brighton

You do not need any previous teaching experience to do a TEFL Brighton course with us. However, our courses are also suitable for qualified primary and secondary teachers who are looking to launch a career in TEFL teaching, so we provide our students with an extensive range of TEFL courses to choose from.

Our 20 hour weekend TEFL courses in Brighton can be combined with online study to maximise your TEFL training experience. Most employers look for candidates to have completed at least 120 hours of TEFL training. Certain employers may require 140 hours, so we highly recommend our longer combined courses to keep as many doors open as possible for when it comes to finding TEFL employment.

Upcoming TEFL courses in Brighton


Brighton TEFL course content

We provide 20 hour weekend TEFL courses in Brighton on selected dates throughout the year. This 2 day classroom intensive TEFL training course provides you with all the tools needed to become an excellent TEFL teacher.

Expect to be in a classroom setting with a group of like-minded people, learning about TEFL teaching methods, how to teach English grammar and vocabulary effectively with confidence and much more!

What's included

 FREE coursebook

 FREE reference letter from your course tutor

 FREE CV Support

 FREE Internationally Recognised TEFL Certificate

Lifetime access to our TEFL Job Centre

Tutor Profiles

Our TEFL course tutors are all highly qualified and experienced TEFL industry professionals. Our TEFL courses in Brighton are normally held by Asif and Michela.

  • Asif


    Top quality TEFL tutors
    Brighton, England

    Asif has a degree in applied Linguistics and in Secondary Education. Over his 10 years as a teacher, he has worked across Europe and Asia and also the Middle East!

Student Reviews


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A: TEFL courses are open to everyone; you do not need any qualifications or teaching experience. The only requirement is to be a native English speaker or to have a fluent level of spoken and written English.

If you do not have any previous teaching experience, we recommend at least 120 hours of training to ensure you are as confident and well versed in TEFL as possible for when you step into your first lesson. A minimum of 120 hours of training also makes you eligible for the widest range of TEFL jobs as this is a requirement for many employers.

A: Please view below detailed weekend course content

Weekend TEFL Course Contents

The 20-hour Weekend TEFL Course will cover:

Saturday (9am-8pm)

Unit 1 - Warmers
Introducing yourself, getting to know each other, reducing inhibitions

Unit 2 - Classroom management
Arranging the classroom and managing your students

Unit 3 - Getting the students to speak
Inventive ways to elicit from the students, using pictures, mime and gesture

Unit 4 - Introduction to grammar
A first look at some of the English tenses. What is the Present Perfect exactly?

Unit 5 - Foreign language lesson
A beginner's lesson: find out what it's like to be on the receiving end

Unit 6 - Controlled Practice
Practice activities: why we use them and some ideas for the classroom

Unit 7 - Free Practice
Using role play and other activities to bring your lessons to life

Unit 8 - Games
How games can improve the learning experience

Unit 9 - More warmers
More ideas for the classroom

Unit 10 - Functions
Teaching everyday English words and phrases

Unit 11 - Lesson planning, preparation & practice
How to plan a TEFL lesson & giving your first lesson


Sunday (9am-6pm)

Unit 12 - More warmers
A little warmer for your second day

Unit 13 - Needs analysis & understanding levels
Assessing new students and understanding different levels of students

Unit 14 - Pronunciation
The sounds, stress, intonation & rhythm of the English language

Unit 15 - Correcting errors
How and when to correct in the classroom

Unit 16 - Teaching Skills
How to teach reading & listening in the classroom

Unit 17 - Grammar
A more in-depth look into tenses (Warning! Includes fun!)

Unit 18 - Lesson planning, preparation & practice
Give your Second TEFL lesson

Unit 19 - Finding work abroad
How to find your first teaching English job

A: When you take a TEFL course with us, you get access to our free TEFL Job Centre, which includes exclusive access to all of our job vacancies, a free CV Checking Service and a lifetime of free TEFL Careers Advice, all of which will help find the perfect job for you.
A: Holiday Inn Brighton Seafront, 137 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2JF

Our approach

It’s hands on! Our TEFL course in Brighton will allow you to practice your lesson planning skills and even deliver your very own mini TEFL lesson to your peers. 

You will create your very own lessons and have the chance to teach your peers. During the course you will learn how to adapt to be able to teach different age groups and ability levels. 

Our TEFL course in Brighton is suitable for complete beginners and qualified teachers alike, so don't worry if you don't have any experience in teaching. 

Course location

Holiday Inn Brighton Seafront,
137 Kings Road,