Information on Teaching Abroad

FcotraveladviceThe idea of packing your bags and moving to a foreign country to teach might be a bit daunting, but we have plenty of information and advice for you to help you manage.


The Government have a massive range of resources online to help you move abroad, including information about working in another country and how UK taxes, pensions, voting and benefits affect you while you are out of the country.


Remember, you will need to have a passport that is in date and a visa to travel to most countries in the world, with many countries requiring specialist visas for teachers. You can apply to renew or get a passport with the Government, and check our visa advice about what visa you’ll need to get depending on where you are travelling. Make sure to look into this long before you intend to travel, as they can take a long time to process, sometimes longer than three months.

Teaching English Abroad

Working abroad will naturally be different from working in the UK; so check our guides to some of the more common TEFL destinations and see what life is like there for TEFL teachers in general.  We’ve had thousands of students that have gone on to get jobs abroad, and some of them have written about their time abroad which could shed some light on what it is like working in the country where you want to work.  Read some of the stories today!  Remember the culture might be completely different, so some things you would consider normal and acceptable here may not be considered so abroad.  Dress code is a particularly different in different parts of the world, so check before you go what is expected of you.


Healthcare is something that is important to consider before going to another country, especially for an extended length of time.  Make sure to get any vaccinations required for the country you are visiting, check our blog post for advice on that, and to examine what the healthcare situation is in the country you are going to.  The NHS maintains a good site on what you need to do if you’re going to work abroad.

If you’re still interested in finding out more about what it’s like working abroad, check out video testimonials from former students.  If you’re unsure over whether it is for you, see the benefits of working abroad and how it could change your life!

If you’re ready to look for a TEFL job abroad, visit our TEFL Job Centre and choose from over 150 jobs in over 40 countries!  If you’re still not TEFL qualified, then take the first step towards a dream job!  Call us on 01349 800 600, or book online today!