Your next TEFL job is just around the corner and it’s important to have as many options open to you as possible. You don’t want to limit yourself to teaching just one age group, but by taking specialist modules, it allows you to showcase your abilities and your CV will be more competitive.

The teaching young learners course from TEFL Org UK is ideal for all types of EFL teachers from the newly qualified to the more experienced tutor.

Why should I take the young learners course?

Teaching young people can be a uniquely rewarding experience but brings with it new challenges. This course uses tried and tested techniques such as video learning, quizzes, games, activities and assessed assignments to give you a targeted approach to teaching children up to the ages of around 12 years old.

This course is unique to TEFL Org UK and designed specifically to help you plan lessons for children.  These include a specific unit on teaching those aged between 3-5 years old.

Also, quite apart from the essential lesson planning tips, your CV will be more competitive and you are more likely to get work in the school of your choice.


  • Contrasting learning styles of young learners and adults
  • Applying child psychology in the classroom
  • Exploring multiple intelligences – the different ways in which children learn
  • Management of the classroom
  • Planning lessons effectively
  • Games, activities and songs
  • Internet usage
  • A unique unit on teaching children aged between 3-5 years old


This course is designed for people who have already taken a TEFL training course.

It would also be suitable for EFL tutors with experience who want to develop their TEFL abilities and give their CV some differentiation.

We recommend being a native speaker of the language, but fluency in English is the only requirement to take the course.


We recommend approximately 30 hours to research, study and finish the course. You will have one calendar month to complete the course from date of payment. Many people complete the course within 2-3 weeks.

How does the course work?

The course can be taken from any browsing device including any PC, laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone. Everything is held in one place so there is no need for lengthy downloads. The process for working through the course is systematic and simple, with some parts being automatically corrected and marked, while others will be graded by your online tutor.


What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you will learn and understand:

  • What makes the best teacher
  • Crucial differences in the learning abilities of younger and older learners
  • Psychology of development and how it affects behaviour
  • Classroom activities that are engaging and practical
  • Internet usage in learning
  • Very young learners and their needs
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30-Hour Teaching Young Learners

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