Weekend TEFL Course Contents

The 20-hour Weekend TEFL Course will cover:

Saturday (9am-8pm)

Unit 1 – WarmersCourse Image 1
Introducing yourself, getting to know each other, reducing inhibitions

Unit 2 – Classroom management
Arranging the classroom and managing your students

Unit 3 – Getting the students to speak
Inventive ways to elicit from the students, using pictures, mime and gesture

Unit 4 – Introduction to grammar
A first look at some of the English tenses. What is the Present Perfect exactly?

Unit 5 – Foreign language lesson
A beginner’s lesson: find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end

Unit 6 – Controlled Practice
Practice activities: why we use them and some ideas for the classroom

Unit 7 – Free Practice
Using role play and other activities to bring your lessons to life

Unit 8 – Games
How games can improve the learning experience

Unit 9 – More warmers
More ideas for the classroom

Unit 10 – Functions
Teaching everyday English words and phrases

Unit 11 – Lesson planning, preparation & practice
How to plan a TEFL lesson & giving your first lesson

Sunday (9am-6pm)

Unit 12 – More warmers
A little warmer for your second day

Unit 13 – Needs analysis & understanding levels
Assessing new students and understanding different levels of students

Unit 14 – Pronunciation
The sounds, stress, intonation & rhythm of the English language

Unit 15 – Correcting errors
How and when to correct in the classroom

Unit 16 – Teaching Skills
How to teach reading & listening in the classroom

Unit 17 – Grammar
A more in-depth look into tenses (Warning! Includes fun!)

Unit 18 – Lesson planning, preparation & practice
Give your Second TEFL lesson

Unit 19 – Finding work abroad
How to find your first teaching English job

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