Sleep in the Park 2017

On Saturday 9th December, six members of the TEFL Org UK team will be sleeping out under the stars in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens as part of Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park.

We’ll be joining over 9,000 who have also signed up to the mass sleep out in December. We plan to raise £3,000. We’re a good bit there already but would love to raise more for this cause.

Your donation will help support:

  • A nationwide jobs program for the Homeless
  • Accommodation and housing solutions
  • Addiction and rehabilitation facilities
  • A national Homelessness Eradication Strategy

Donate here. All contributions welcomed!

TEFL Org UK team members taking part in #SleepinthePark

Jennifer Mackenzie (Managing Director), Alan Moir (Sales and Marketing Manager), Lewis Watson (Digital Marketing Executive), Steven Kellow (Digital Marketing Executive), Donald Sutherland (Web Developer) and Jake Brown (Web Designer).


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