Fake TEFL Certificates

When you finally get to hold your TEFL Org UK certificate in your hands those hours spent getting to grips with grammar and TEFL methodology all feel entirely worth it; you’ve worked hard and earned the qualification you need to jet off abroad and begin the exciting and rewarding life of an EFL teacher! English teachers are in need around the world and, sadly, as demand over the years has grown for these teachers to be TEFL qualified, so has the market for fake TEFL certificates.

Here at TEFL Org UK, we take this very seriously, which is why we have taken measures to protect the integrity of your qualification and prevent our certificates from being falsified.

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Our Certificates

It has come to our attention recently that there are unscrupulous individuals out there trying to apply for positions using fake TEFL Org UK certificates. The reason why this has come to our attention – and the reason why it’s a really bad idea to try using a fake certificate! – is that employers can very easily check with us to verify the authenticity of a certificate. Each student is issued with a unique student ID, which is printed on their certificate, and all employers have to do is key in this ID to check if the certificate is valid.

This service is used regularly because good employers will check the qualifications of applicants!

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Risky Business

If the idea of purchasing a fake TEFL certificate is something that’s ever crossed your mind there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, do you really want to be handing over credit card details to a company that deals in creating and distributing fake certificates?

Secondly, the likelihood is that your fake certificate will be easy to spot since most are poorly printed but even if it does look authentic, it’s easy to verify with most reputable TEFL providers if it’s real or not. If a school isn’t bothered about whether your qualification is legitimate then that probably says a lot about the sort of treatment and conditions you can expect from that school!

And, finally, how can you expect to do the job you’re applying for without an understanding of what that job involves? Here at TEFL Org UK we believe that if you can speak English, then you can teach it, but that’s not to say any English speaker can just walk into a classroom and deliver a successful lesson! A TEFL qualification equips you with the essential skills needed to teach English learners – it really is a must, for both you and your students.

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Cracking Down on Fake TEFL Certificates

This year has seen China introduce tough measures to tackle the use of counterfeit documents and this has led to the arrest and deportation of individuals who have been using fake TEFL certificates.  It has been reported that in April alone 143 teachers were arrested for using such certificates.

China has made arrests in previous years, but the introduction of a new law earlier in 2017 that prohibits using any falsified documents in order to secure employment signals a firm crackdown on unqualified English teachers in the country.

Other countries may have similar laws – or may be in the process of introducing them – so with the increasing threat of arrest, deportation, and a ban on entry, it is only becoming more dangerous for those using fake TEFL certificates.

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At the end of the day, why risk it when you can get a legitimate, internationally recognised qualification for a very reasonable price?

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