Teaching English in Guatemala

13 February 2014

Guatemala is one of the most bio-diverse and historically significant countries in Central America and the demand for TEFL teachers in Guatemala has peaked over the past years.

TEFL Org UK graduates can apply for teaching positions in Guatemala through our TEFL Jobs Centre. A lot the work teaching English in Guatemala is done on a voluntary basis but with an official TEFL certificate you will be qualified for paid teaching positions that language school offer.

TEFL Opportunities

Quetzaltenango, or Xela as it is more commonly known, is considered the “educational centre” of Guatemala, and recognized as a good place to search for work as a TEFL teacher. The city hosts a dramatic backdrop, surrounded by no less than 10 volcanoes! The rapid growth of the population fuels demand for education and English learning. There are five universities and numerous language schools dotted throughout the city.

The demand to learn English in Guatemala comes from students just out of secondary school who need to show language proficiency in order to enter university or improve their career options. Other Guatemalan people are simply interested in learning English because they like American culture and want to improve their English understanding.

TEFL Jobs in Guatemala

Some TEFL jobs in Guatemala include benefits such as free Spanish lessons. The best time to get hired is during the spring months for the term commencing in the autumn. The salary for English teachers is estimated between $2.00 US to $5.00 US per hour in language schools; $5.00 US to $8.00 US per hour for private lessons. Furnished one bedroom apartments can range between $250 US to $360 US per month and shared accommodation can run at slightly cheaper rates. Much like the rest of Central America, the living costs in Guatemala are very low.

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