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Founded by teachers for teachers, we are the leading provider of TEFL courses and understand first-hand what is needed to teach English as a second language. From sign-up to completion, there is good reason why we are the most accredited TEFL course provider. Our courses are designed to be accessible and affordable as possible and we have taught thousands of students to become exceptional TEFL teachers world-wide!

Anyone with a native or near-native level of English can take our TEFL courses and there are several options available to fit all budgets and schedules. You'll get up to 6 months to work through your course, and a personally assigned tutor will guide you through your online learning. Students, recent graduates (within the last 3 years) and the unemployed get 20% off the price of any course they choose to enrol on.

This is your opportunity to make a change, try something new and venture abroad to begin your experience of a lifetime! Let the most highly accredited TEFL courses in the UK fully prepare you for your new life as an English language teacher.

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Enrol on one of our advanced online TEFL courses and boost your CV:

10-hour Telephone Teaching Course

Teaching English over the phone is a great opportunity to supplement your salary particularly if you want to TEFL but you would rather do it from the comfort of your home and not necessarily take a position teaching English abroad.


10-hours Teaching Large Classes

In many countries around the world (South East Asian countries in particular), teaching classes of 50 and even more is common practice. Scary isn’t it? Don’t worry, the majority of new TEFLers find the option of teaching large groups daunting and that’s why we have developed an Advanced TEFL Course – Teaching Large Classes.


20-hour How to Teach English Online

This 20-hour online course will give you a firm understanding of how to create, plan and conduct a TEFL lesson online, and the technology available to do so.


20-hour Set up & Promote Your Online Lessons

This course is ideal for anyone who has a firm understanding of how to conduct an online TEFL lesson and is now looking to better understand how to market their services as an online TEFL teacher.


30-hour Teaching Business English

The Teaching Business English Course from TEFL Org UK offers an in-depth look at this specialist area of TEFL.


30-hour Teaching Young Learners

The teaching young learners course from TEFL Org UK is ideal for all types of EFL teachers from the newly qualified to the more experienced tutor.


40-hour Teaching English Online

Want flexible teaching work? Interested in teaching students from across the globe in one week? Want to work from home? Try teaching English online!