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TEFL Jobs in China

ChinaEnglish teachers are in huge demand in China and while it's simple to find work it's not quite as easy to find good work where your employer will stick to the contract. 

There is plenty of TEFL work to be found in public schools and there is an ever-increasing huge demand for teachers in private language schools. Work in private schools and universities require teachers to be experienced and qualified to teach in public schools in their home country. While universities do not pay very well, a position as a lecturer means you will typically only work 10-16 contact hours and usually accommodation is provided on campus. 

There are plenty of teaching opportunities in China but the important thing is that you research any school you are thinking of accepting a position at. Try to speak to foreign staff who work/have worked there and see what they have to say.

We have a wealth of blog posts detailing what life as an EFL teacher in China is like, with a general guide, and other posts covering everything from the cuisine to how to get a visa in the country.  We also have stories from our graduates who have travelled across to China to teach.  We hope that these posts help you decide whether China is the right destination for you.

Only those who have enrolled on a TEFL Org UK course can apply for these EFL teaching  positions in China.  If you haven't enrolled on one of our courses, take a look at our Recommended TEFL Jobs in China.