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The Benefits of Online TEFL Courses

30 January 2012

Fit your course around you

TEFL Org UK's online TEFL courses are flexible and designed to fit around you. You have a full six months to complete any of our online courses. On average it takes between six to eight weeks to complete the course so you will have plenty of time to get TEFL qualified! If you do however find you need some extra time to complete your online TEFL course you can extend your enrolment for up to three months at an additional fee. There are no deadlines for assignments to be completed so the pressure is off! This is ideal if you are in full time work or education or generally have a busy lifestyle.

Access from anywhere

You can access your online TEFL course from anywhere in the world - all you need is a computer and an internet connection. This is particularly useful for those already living abroad or for those who have decided to get TEFL qualified after setting off to travel.

A reputable TEFL qualification

Former students who have qualified on online TEFL courses are now working around the world. A minimum of 100 hours of TEFL training will make you eligible for the widest range of TEFL jobs and our 100-hour Online TEFL Course will provide you with a reputable qualification. The online TEFL course includes practice lessons and goes further in depth into the theory and methodology behind TEFL so you won't be missing out on anything you would cover in the classroom.

Social interaction

With the online TEFL course every student is assigned an experienced and qualified personal tutor. They will be marking your assessments and giving you feedback as you progress through the course. You will also have access to course forums where you can chat to other students about your TEFL experience, so although you will not be in a classroom of people you will not be alone!

Interested in taking one of our online TEFL courses?

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