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Who TEFLs? - School Leavers

9 August 2012

You may be looking at a deferred entry to university this year to take a year out. This is a very popular route for many young school leavers to travel down, but how do you make the most out of your time out? In this section we look at the benefits of teaching English abroad on your gap year, and how you can get started.

What are the advantages of deferring a place to university?

teacher and pupils (10)Don't despair if you're application to university this year wasn't successful, a year out teaching English abroad could be just what you need to get your head in the right place, gain some international work experience, and figure out exactly what you want to do with your life. 

By taking a gap year, you're giving yourself a chance to do something unusual and rewarding; travelling and teaching abroad will let you try new things, discover new cultures and you'll earn some money!

It may sound clichéd but taking a gap year before university really will be a life changing experience. Often it helps people mature and become more confident and able to deal with the demands of university.

What do universities think of deferring a place?

Most universities are of the opinion that applying for deferred entry and taking a gap year allows students to have a worthwhile, constructive experience before entering into the grind of further education. What you do with yourself on year out is very important though, universities will be impressed with an official TEFL qualification on your CV and experience teaching English abroad, they won't be as impressed to find out you spent a year lying on a beach in Thailand and partying.

Our advice is to think carefully about what you will do and how it will contribute to your further studies and career development. Most students starting at university after a year abroad are much better prepared for the challenges of their studies and have useful life experiences to bring to bear on the subjects they are taking.

Generally a year out gives school leavers a chance to develop mature and see something of the world - all positive things!

Adding a Gap year to your CV

Your gap year that you take just after school will be something you talk about, remember and include on your CV for years to come. It may seem like spec in the distant future right now, but it is worth considering what your employers down the line will make of your year abroad.

After university, you'll be applying for jobs and your gap year is something that will add something extra to your CV. Employers generally look for people with transferable skills who've done something different to make them stand out from the crowd. Spending a year teaching English abroad will do all that is needed to impress employers; it shows you are bright, independent and a motivated people-person.

Your official TEFL certificate is also another qualification to add to your CV with pride. Our TEFL courses have more accreditation than any other UK TEFL course provider and is considered a reputable and recognised qualification worldwide.

Feeling inspired? Start your journey teaching English abroad with TEFL Org UK.

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