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Common Types of TEFL Employers

23 April 2012

Once you have completed your accredited TEFL Course you will be ready to start looking for a TEFL Job. Depending on where you choose to teach English abroad, there will be different opportunities open to you. Here is a quick guide to some of the common types of TEFL employers and what to expect.

Private Language Schools

It is likely that you may have to work evenings and weekends at private language schools. You will probably be able to get a job without any previous teaching experience but you will need to have an official TEFL certificate. The more hours of TEFL training you have, the better qualified you will be so check out our recommended TEFL courses.


Universities will generally be looking for highly qualified teachers with previous teaching experience. Our Specialist TEFL Courses are ideal for TEFL teachers looking to extend their qualification and will make you more appealing to TEFL employers at universities. Unsurprisingly the pay is very good and the hours will be few and usually quite stimulating.

Private Tuition

Summer Camps 11 This is a great way to supplement your TEFL salary. You can advertise your TEFL services locally and, depending where you are, you will probably find little problem finding eager students to teach. By teaching English privately, either one to one or in groups, you will be your own boss.

Business English

There are growing opportunities to teach English to adults looking to improve their employability by obtaining English fluency. Some companies also require their employees to take English lessons to improve the company's international communication and business. Teaching business English usually involves highly motivated adults looking to learn English for both professional and personal reasons.  Check out our specialist Teaching Business English course to find out more about this niche area of TEFL.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are a popular path for new TEFL teachers to take. Usually the contracts are shorter, between 2- 8 weeks. Most summer schools start recruiting around May and fill up quickly due to popularity. TEFL Summer Camps are a great opportunity for enthusiastic TEFL teachers.

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