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Meet our Tutors - Joe

Tutor Joe

My reason for first getting into TEFL was that I lived in Hull and worked in a tax office.

My first job was teaching youngsters in Greece where I stayed for 6 years and then I taught Business English in France for a couple more years and have done teacher training in the UK, France, Ireland and the USA.

I love doing the courses and inspiring others to do what I have done. The only problem is envy. Every time I do a course I have to put up with the students' travel plans and listen to where they are flying out to...bah humbug.

Favourite food
Octopus with lashings of olive oil.

Traditional bouzouki music, you know, the Zorba kind of stuff.

Playing the bouzouki (badly), making shelves (I do it so often, it feels like a hobby) and playing golf (also badly).